Change Management


California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), Communications Division

California Relay Service 2

For the CPUC’s Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program (DDTP), we managed the acquisition of an outsourced California Relay Service 2 (CRS-2) based on a multiple-contractor approach with third-party call delivery and reporting. This new architecture was the first in the nation to offer both multiple competing vendors for relay service and independent third-party auditing for cost and performance compliance. We provided strategic planning; RFI and RFP development; facilitation of consumer and stakeholder involvement including development of graphics and documentation for public presentations throughout the state; facilitation of FCC support; and management of the solicitation and evaluation.


We led extensive facilitation of stakeholders and program staff; numerous presentations and facilitation of CPUC executive and program management; and project development and management. We acted as the authorized Procurement Official, and provided contract negotiations and award services. We developed a 300-page RFP for the outsourcing of multiyear, multivendor CRS-2. We also provided project management oversight, coordination, and assessment of vendor implementations.

California Employment Development Department (EDD)

Tax Branch Operational Improvements

We performed an assessment of the Tax Branch’s various business processes and researched eight statewide call centers and two public contact lines to find ways to improve the Branch’s operational performance and outcomes. We conducted an extensive assessment of the Branch’s business organization, culture, policies and procedures.


We developed a report that addressed the findings, recommended change management practices including those pertaining to policies and practices, and recommended adjustments to the Branch’s communication systems. The report developed strategic and functional plans, provided practical implementation recommendations, and recommended changes in staff training and assignments.  The report was presented to EDD and Branch management, and was used to improve operations and service to the public.


California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office

Statewide Network Assessment

We developed an analysis of the migration of the Office’s statewide education data network (4CNet), which served 108 community colleges, to a newer joint-venture outsourced educational network (CENIC). Our work included an assessment of the community colleges’ use of networked services for educational and administrative purposes, and forecasting of online and on-demand remote learning.


We presented and facilitated ongoing findings to a steering committee. We also provided research, policy reviews, and assessment; project management support; and recommendations for implementation.


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