How to Hire Us

It’s easy for state and local agencies to contract for our services. We’re available through:

DGS Small Business Option


For all service inquiries, RFOs,

or ordering, please contact:
Michael Hearn
Mission Consulting, LLC
(916) 446-5624

DGS Small Business Option


The DGS Small Business Option allows State of California agencies and departments to directly hire DGS-certified small businesses for a variety of services, including all services offered by Mission Consulting. This streamlined procurement process is the SB/DVBE Option. It involves contracting directly with a DGS-certified small business (SB) or disabled Veterans Business Enterprise (DVBE) without a need to advertise. Mission Consulting is a DGS certified Small and Micro Business, registration #13735.

Contracted consulting services must be valued between $5,000.01 and $249,999.99 after obtaining offers from at least two DGS-certified small businesses. Offers can be requested and received over the phone, via fax or email, or through a more formal RFQ or RFO process. Evaluation can be based on best value, and not lowest price. Non-IT consulting service contracts of $50,000 or more must be approved by DGS/OLS. IT or telecommunications consulting contracts up to $249,999 can be issued by the department using a STD 65 without DGS approval per the department’s delegated authority.

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California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS)


Our California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) consulting contracts provide a broad range of skills that can be applied to a variety of projects. These contracts are available to state and local government agencies, and are acquired through an RFO process. An RFO must be sent to at least three firms, but only one offer needs to be received in order to make the award. The prices listed in the CMAS contracts are only “not-to-exceed” rates. The rates offered by Mission Consulting are usually substantially less. State agencies may order services by using a STD 65 or STD 213. Local agencies can use their own contract form.


CMAS Non-IT Consulting Contract

Our CMAS non-IT contract 4-15-03-0414B can be used for any non-IT consulting services, up to $250,000 per order. Orders by State agencies over $50,000 must be approved by the DGS CMAS unit. The CMAS contract term is through 12/31/2020.   A copy of our CMAS Non-IT Consulting Services contract is available here.


Our non-IT CMAS contract includes, but is not limited to:

  • Business Consulting – Auditing/Evaluation

  • Business Consulting – Business Planning

  • Business Consulting – Organizational Assessment

  • Business Consulting – Program Design

  • Business Consulting – Project Management

  • Business Consulting – Risk Assessment

  • Business Consulting – Strategic Planning

  • Business Services – Facilitation

  • Business Services – Performance Review

  • Business Services – Procurement Support

  • Business Services – Surveys

  • Writing Services

CMAS IT Consulting Contract


Our CMAS IT Consulting Services contract 3-10-70-0915C can be used for any IT consulting services, up to $500,000 per order.  Our IT CMAS contract term is through 1/31/2025. A copy of our CMAS IT Consulting Services contract is available here.


Our IT CMAS contract includes, but is not limited to:


  • IT Consulting – Acquisition Support

  • IT Consulting – Data Communications

  • IT Consulting – IV & V

  • IT Consulting – Performance Review

  • IT Consulting – Process Reengineering

  • IT Consulting – Project Management

  • IT Consulting – Project Planning

  • IT Consulting – Requirements Analysis

  • IT Consulting – Strategic Planning

  • Consulting –Telecommunications Requirements Analysis

  • Consulting – Telecommunications Systems Analysis

  • Consulting – Telecommunications Systems Design



DGS Master Services Agreement for IT Consulting


Our DGS Master Agreement for IT Consulting #5137002-067 is available to any agency that expends public funds. It allows IT consulting contracts up to $1,500,000 through a formal RFO process. The RFO must be sent to three firms and at least one offer must be received. Award can be based on best value, and not lowest cost.


Available labor classifications are:

  • Senior Project Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Senior Technical Lead

  • Technical Lead

  • Senior Programmer

  • Programmer

  • Systems Analyst


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Competitive Bid



Our services can also be acquired through a competitive RFQ, RFP, IFB or similar solicitation appropriate to the type and value of the services sought, and the rules of the public agency.