Management Consulting

Our experienced team brings an incomparable set of combined skills to collaborate with organizations in developing comprehensive solutions and guidance to business and management obstacles.

Feasibility Analysis and Needs Assessment

A critical decision for any organization is determining the need to implement a new technology or program.  Members of our team have real systems implementation experience as well as experience and advanced degrees in public policy and finance to assist your organization in determining the best approach to acquire and implement new programs, policies and technologies.


Strategic Planning

Mission Consulting has 24 years of facilitating agency development of vision, mission, mandates, and goals. Our team of seasoned professionals will assess your agency's strengths and challenges and work collaboratively with you to develop an action plan with measurable metrics in place to achieve your objectives.



Procurement Analysis and Management

Mission Consulting has provided a large number of procurement consulting services, including development of State-required feasibility studies, formal and informal needs assessments, Requests for Offers, and Requests for Proposals. We will guide your organization through all aspects of procurement development and management, and provide knowledge transfer to your team.

Project and Program Management and Oversight

Using industry standard tools and methodologies such as PMBOK and Agile, Mission Consulting will work collaboratively with your organization to custom tailor an approach to managing your project or program. Our focus is to ensure an effective and sustainable approach to manage the daily activities, communication, and direction of your organization. 


Business Process Analysis

The key measures of success for improving business or services hinge upon accurately documenting current processes and understanding how change will impact the organization's people, processes, and technology. Mission Consulting has led numerous organizations through effective change by maximizing how resources are used.  We document the As-Is processes and To-Be processes producing a gap analysis that is used as a plan for change. We will guide your organization through business transformation by providing you with a concrete action plan to make the recommended changes a reality.

Change Management

Employing a collaborative working style, Mission Consulting will work with your organization to successfully implement program, technology, or process changes. Our skill sets provide you with a team experienced in leading a variety of organizations through positive organizational and work culture changes. We will conduct an organizational assessment, facilitate key stakeholder communication workshops, and obtain input across all fuctional areas within your organization. Mission Consulting will provide you with a plan that gives you actionable steps to implement each change, identify activities, stakeholders, key tasks, schedules, and impacts.