Public Safety Communications

California 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Office

Statewide Strategic Plan

We managed and developed a comprehensive Strategic Plan for statewide multijurisdictional 9-1-1 systems, services, and management. Our extensive assessment of this mission-critical public program involved: extensive research; facilitation of program and administration executives; facilitation of stakeholder groups; formal assessment of multijurisdictional statewide public agencies and programs; assessment of statutes and key policies; assessment and recommendations for funding methodologies; and assessment of public agency organization, culture, and change management. We also provided expert 9-1-1 subject-matter knowledge, and technical writing.


We developed a 250-page public report considered by the Chief of the 9-1-1 Office and California Legislative members as outstanding. The report resulted in multiple public hearings concerning recommendations for significant changes to California 9‑1‑1 laws, management, operations, funding and technologies.

California 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Office

New Statewide Reporting System

The State 9-1-1 Office needed a way to measure 9-1-1 call answering times, call volumes, and other performance indicators experienced at California’s 480 Public Safety Answering Points managed by local jurisdictions throughout the state, and to create a database for analysis and reporting.  For this effort we developed strategic program goals and objectives; assessed agencies’ organizational needs and requirements; conducted research including security parameters; facilitated multijurisdictional stakeholder input; developed a technical RFO for a new statewide 9-1-1 reporting system; provided project management and procurement subject matter expertise throughout the procurement; and provided project management of the implementation including change management support in the State 9-1-1 Office and in the field at multiple PSAPs.

California 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Office

Fiscal and Operational Review

We facilitated strategic goals and objectives pertaining to statutorily mandated oversight of 480 statewide local jurisdiction Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) for compliance with 9-1-1 operational performance and use of State funds.

We assessed State and local public agencies’ practices. We developed new compliance processes and measurements for the 9-1-1 Office to use in determining PSAP network performance levels, system configuration, and funding and fiscal accounting management. We also developed a new Fiscal and Operational Review (FOR) operations manual, including change management processes, and provided office and field training of 9-1-1 Office staff for use with local PSAP management throughout the state.

California 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Office

Strategic Statewide Database Planning

We provided long-range strategic planning for the State’s E9-1-1 outsourced system database services. We reviewed federal and State legislation, statutes, regulations and court orders, and tariffs and contracts. We identified operational and political issues from all public and private stakeholder groups.  We surveyed the state PSAPs for operational, technical and management conditions and issues.  We reviewed the impact of emerging technologies on the deployment of emergency services. We assessed alternative long-range plans and costs, and provided recommendations for statewide 9-1-1 database implementation and management.

California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Cellular 9-1-1 Program Assessment

We performed a total program evaluation of CHP’s cellular 9-1-1 and freeway callbox multijurisdictional program operations. We researched existing conditions; statutes, regulations, and rules; court and attorney general opinions; interagency agreements and relationships; contracts; policies; procedures; and existing technologies and networks.


We researched existing staffing; training; and management practices and policies. We also determined existing levels of service; researched budgets and costs; and researched public opinion and awareness.


We facilitated definition of missions, goals, and objectives. We developed a complete needs analysis and defined the scope and extent of existing problems. We provided extensive and detailed recommendations toward total program improvement, including changes in statutes and regulations; funding; staffing and organization; training; hardware, software and networking; policies and procedures; and public education.

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