Telecommunications & Information Technology

Our unique skills in telecom and IT provide our clients with unparalleled experience in comprehensive feasibility studies, policy and legal analysis, cultural and organizational assessments, and procurement services.

Telecommunications & IT Analysis

We have analyzed voice and data systems, services and networks for dozens of clients that employ a variety of legacy and state-of-the-art technologies.  Our assessments focus on how new technologies and program operations can synergize for updated customer and program outcomes, and often incorporate program improvements, feasibility studies, strategic planning, acquisitions, and project management.


Relay Services

Mission Consulting and our staff have led the development of telecommunications relay services (TRS) since 1987, working closely with consumers, regulators, and vendors to design and manage innovative, detailed, state-of-the-art relay services in VRS, CTS, STS, TTY, text, and other forms.  Our ongoing relay consulting practice has involved us at state, national, and international levels.



Call Centers

Our call center/contact center expertise is a core service.  We have assessed dozens of contact centers operated by agency staff as well as outsourced to vendors.  We have also written numerous RFPs and managed procurements for outsourced contact center services.

Public Safety Communications

We have been at the forefront of public safely communications for over twenty years.  We have developed strategic plans, assessed state and local program operations, developed equipment specifications, created new 9-1-1 reporting and fiscal operational programs, created equipment and service RFPs, and planned for Next Generation services.