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We've performed over 100 projects for dozens of agencies - helping them meet organizational goals and better serve the community.


Performed comprehensive Organizational Assessment using McKinsey 7-S model, resulting in over 60 recommendations for improvement and roadmap for implementation of changes


Led program design and procurement effort in support of $20 million Low-Income Weatherization Program targeting farmworker housing


Supported agency throughout Project Approval Lifecycle (PAL) in support of multiple statewide reservation and records management projects


For over two decades, provided technical support and project management services to critical Lifeline, DDTP, and Teleconnect Fund programs


Led complex IT maintenance and operations procurement using novel §6611 negotiation process, supporting nearly $100 million in contracted services


Performed Organizational Assessment to identify opportunities to improve cutlure, structure, processes, financial stability, and program delivery


Conducted case filing and management process improvement assessment, engaging internal and external stakeholders throughout the state to improve processes


Created new PMO and integrated project management system, improving Caltrans’ ability to deliver transportation planning projects within scope, budget, and schedule


Performance audit of 911 Communications Branch to streamline operations, evaluate compliance, and make case for legislative changes to fix structural deficit


Provided strategic and technical support to mutiple CALNET contracts used by state and local agencies to purchase over $100 million in IT services and goods


Conducted California’s first cultural collection protection survey, helping the State Library better understand statewide challenges and secure $9.6 million to address study findings


Designed and implemented new onboarding and retention program, helping CDPH reduce turnover and vacancy rates among critical classifications from 19.5% to 3.9%


Provided project management and fiscal analyst services in support of OSI Electronic Verfifcation & Validation project, implementing federal changes to tracking in-home care


Led needs assessment, design, and implementation of new statewide Automated 

License Data System


Rewrote sections of the State Administrative Manual Section 6000, transforming its style and format to make it easier for readers to understand


Mission has performed dozens of additional projects for other state and local agencies committed to improving performance

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